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    I was soooo annoyed that my bf wanted to have kabobs for dinner! Until I had ONE! Or three! They were delicious! So fresh. Shrimp and beef were my choices. My mouth is watering thinking of it. They were very fast and super friendly. They have a few folding chairs near by if you want to sit but we opted to eat by the car. It's street food lol what do you expect? So so good. Give it a try!

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    delicious!!!!! Barbecue? Hot sauce? White sauce? Chicken? Beef? Shrimp? It's all sooooooooo good! Can't have enough.

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    Bae and I stopped here on the way to work. Ordered beef-on-a-stick w/ no sauce. It had sauce on it anyway BUT it was still good!! I had a hot sausage and that was hitting too! Cold drinks topped it off!

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    Franky's has been here for years! And I still find it delicious! The lines are bit long but it's because their food is good and there's only two workers in the truck! Overall great food for a quick bite.

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    I have loved this place since I was a child. The meat are always big and juicy that it's enough to fill you up. The bread is fresh and crusty. Get a beef with hot sauce and lemon and you'll see what I mean.

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    As dirty as it sounds, I love Franky's kabobs!!

    Their lamb kabobs are the best. Always moist, tender and flavorful and will never disappoint. I've been coming here for about two years and keep in mind, I live in Brooklyn so getting here is not always easy. But when I am here, I like to make at stop at Franky's to bring some yummy kabobs home.

    Their kabobs are $3 each and you can add whatever sauce you want (lemon, white, bbq or hot sauce) I prefer nothing because their marinated is just as good as it is without any extra help.

    They usually have a line but it moves quickly. Parking around here is not easy though so if you're driving, it might take a while.

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    Another Astoria secret gem.

    True, the french fries and the greek salad are kind of meh... and maybe the food truck line can be a bit disorganized But what I'm going to keep raving on is the $3 Beef Souvlaki! Lemony, juicy, large chunk of beef (probably 5 of them) served on a skewer with a bread on top to satisfy your carnivorous inner beings/desires. A great bang for your buck. Especially better than the restaurant I just tried nearby that day (…

    I am grateful it is one of the right things of an otherwise an unfair, unjust, wrong world. The souvlaki awesomeness makes up for the standard fries and salad. I shall return again.

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    Franky's is widely recognized as the best and cleanest souvlaki truck in Astoria. His truck has been a local fixture for as long as I have lived in Astoria; now coming on 30 years. Furthermore, he is the only street vendor in NYC that I will ever buy a kebab from on the street. Though there have been a lot of controversies about street vendors in Astoria and more generally in NYC, Franky's does not aim to take business away from anyone, and fully deserves his spot on the corner of 31st Avenue and Steinway Street.

    Btw: I am not promoting his business, but just letting the community know that Franky's is one of the few street vendors, where you can buy a delicious BBQ lamb stick for $3.00. And for those of you who are new to our area, and looking for a cheap eat, Franky's will be a safe bet.

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    It's a great spot to pick to go meal or snack! I picked chicken,beef & lamb to go and it was a hit! Thank you for cooking dinner for us!

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    PERFECT kebabs. No, seriously. And $3 a stick? There isn't a reason in the world you shouldn't be getting Franky's.

    Franky's started out as a small push cart forever ago, and I mean -forever- ago. I was a kid and still remember the overwhelming aromatic smoke of grilled meats blanketing that entire corner. Over the years they upgraded to a bigger cart and finally a legit full-fledged decked out food truck. Bright ass LED lights and all.

    I always get a beef and/or chicken kebab and 100% of the time it is cooked to tender, juicy perfection. What you'll get: Aforementioned tender and juicy perfect stick of meat (or lamb. or shrimp) and a piece of bread, usually a chunk of Italian loaf, but you can also get pita, your choice. If you order "for here" it means you're gonna stand around near the truck and figure out how to eat without a real plate or counter surface. If you take it to go, it'll be wrapped in some foil and tossed into a brown paper bag, so definitely get ready for juice leaking and flowing all over the place.

    Ordering is kind of an honor system, meaning don't be a jerk and shout your order at the guys without making sure everyone else did before you. Yeah, for some reason the idea of queuing up in a line escapes everyone on this corner.

    Religious/dietary restrictions? All meats are cooked on separate grills. Don't forget that you can ask for lemon juice on if you like, otherwise they have barbecue sauce and probably tzaziki? I always get barbecue, it's a perfect combo.

    In summary, winter is coming and if you want to relive summer feeling of eating grilled meat, Franky's is the perfect stop to pick some up, bring home, and gorge.

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